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Well Arjohn and Jimmyb have taken the plunge, once again, into the world of internet radio streaming.

If you like music from the 60's, 70's 80's and up to today, mixed in with some humourus talk, then you will love the AnJ Show.

Our show is NOT just playing songs but more of the old personality type radio, having fun and playing some of the best music around.


New Gadget
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We Have A T-Shirt

See Blog post "We Got Shirt" _________________

We have added many new gadgets AND started a Social Bookmarking site. Link in on the toolbar. _________________

We gave in and now have a MySpace account

check us out at

Now we have a Twitter account

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We are back ON THE AIR!!

We are now on (and have a stake in) Our Generation Radio. The station plays music for the 40, 50 and 60 year old segment of the population .. hey that's the Baby Boomers :). Since the music is all "Work Place Friendly" you can have us on in the background at work, office,. home, kitchen .. well you get the idea. Give us a try and give US a shout out.


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B.) If you prefer, visit us at MySpace.

C.) Or Twitt us at Twitter.



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